Consulting HR

We carry out difficult and non-standard projects related to building a dynamic human resources policy supporting the organization's strategies. We provide advisory support and up-to-date knowledge , offering HR tools and solutions in the following areas :

  • Strategy planning

    Strategy planning

    We help to create strategic potential by providing competent, talented, committed, loyal and highly motivated employees necessary to achieve a long-term competitive advantage . It is important to have well-thought-out and developed a long-term vision of the company in a turbulent business environment and not be limited to short interventions aimed at "putting out fires". We help in the implementation of consistent and practical policies and HR programs.

  • Assessment Center

    Assessment Center

    Assessment Center is a modern and the most effective method of diagnosis of potential and competencies used in particular in recruitment processes to select the best candidate. We carry out a multi-level assessment and in-depth analysis of the participants' skills while performing various tasks, in scenarios similar to the work environment. We assess whether the candidate has the key competencies to be successful at a given position in a particular organization.

  • Development Center

    Development Center

    Development Center is a modern and the most effective method of diagnosing the potential and competencies used in the process of planning the employee development. We carry out a comprehensive assessment and in-depth analysis of employees' skills while performing various tasks to identify managerial potential. We conduct constructive feedback sessions for effective professional development in relation to the organization's needs.

  • Behavioral interview

    Behavioral interview

    Behavioral interview (BEI - behavioral event interview) is a competency-based interview, most often used in the recruitment process. It consists of analyzing the history of successes and failures of the candidate which are important to his career. The assumption of this method is that past behaviors and obtained results indicate repeated patterns of actions of a given person in relation to the future.

  • Competency audit

    Competency audit

    People are the most valuable asset of every organization. Its effects and the implementation of the set business results are determined by a professional and talented team of employees . Competency audit is a tool that allows for a comprehensive and multi-faceted assessment of the personal situation of both the managerial staff and teams of employees. A necessary condition is an objectivity, which is preserved only in the case of an evaluation carried out by an independent external audit team. As a result of the research, we provide a precise review of the competencies and potential of key employees, identification of talents, recommendations for development activities adequate to the organization's goals, indicators of the creation of succession plans in the company and strategy development for the organization.

  • Competency model

    Competency model

    A competency model is a tool designed to improve the quality of the HR management process in a professional organization . It allows not only to streamline HR processes and improve employee effectiveness but above all measurably affects the organization's business results. It is necessary for the process to be consistent with the adopted strategy and culture. The lack of an effective competency model increases the risk of exposing the company to losses, as well as losing valuable company’s competencies.

  • Team profile

    Team profile

    Perceiving the organization in a holistic approach as a coherent system facilitates the diagnosis of the company's needs and enables precise selection of solutions and necessary modifications. Researching the team's potential and implementing the necessary changes allows to identify the causes of dysfunction and supports the process of improving the efficiency of the team and the entire organization. Companies are changing due to pursuing the direction of teamwork promotion, building a culture of cooperation and responsibility for results in order to be more effective and successful in meeting new challenges and organization goals. We recognize and develop talents, we release extraordinary resources of the team's potential , which allow us to build the most effective and innovative business solutions and its effective implementation.

  • Research on organizational culture

    Research on organizational culture

    The company's success is based on the effective cooperation of all employees . A consciously built organizational culture is an important element of the market environment. It has an impact on the motivation and commitment of employees , allows to rationalize business activities and stand out from the competition. It is an element of the company's image. It has a significant impact on the implementation of the organization's business results .

    The research of organizational culture is a unique tool. The aim of the research is the accurate diagnosis of the current and desired organizational culture , and then development of the necessary modifications and changes consistent with the company's vision and strategy, adapted to the market and new challenges. The goal is also a deeper understanding of the organization, the specificity of its functioning and the integration of the needs of the enterprise with the needs of employees in order to increase the commitment and responsibility for the organization's results and minimize resistance to change.

  • Planning the succession

    Planning the succession

    Effective succession planning supports the stability and ability of the organization to achieve its goals . The plan of succession and its implementation minimizes losses due to changes and leave of leaders. It is important to include all key positions in the plan, which - due to their specificity, length of work experience, knowledge or experience - are important for achieving the set business results.

    By addressing business needs to current resources, we help organizations build and manage employee succession plan, which will ensure business continuity through readiness of motivated and talented employees to take key functions, provide the development of individual career paths, build a high level of employee loyalty and motivation, and strengthen the position and company image as a good employer in the labor market.

  • Onboarding


    Precisely planned and tailored to the organization, professional and structured process of the employee adaptation in a new workplace in order to achieve a high level of efficiency as fast as possible. The onboarding process is being conducted by using individual coaching, facilitation of the meetings, and feedback from superiors and subordinates.

  • Outplacement


    A complex project of supporting the employer in conducting individual and group layoffs , which allows to analyze the current professional path and plan farther activities leading to a change of position or workplace. A good employer takes actions to support qualified employees, softening at the same time the effects of the dismissal actions and preparing them for change. Outplacement effects are visible in the entire organization, have a significant impact on the organizational culture and build a good image of the employer on the labor market .