In the time of a knowledge-based economy, human potential is the driving force of economic growth. A professional and effective team is the determinant of the companies’ competitiveness. Responsibility for acquiring, retaining and developing talents is not only the task of the HR department, it is the challenge of every manager and leader, the strategic goal of the management team of every company. The consciously built organizational culture becomes the pillar of the modern leader. It decides about the company's identity, builds a competitive advantage, helps in achieving business goals, shapes people, the level of their involvement and the efficiency of their work.

Understanding the needs of our clients, we design and implement change and transformation processes aimed at achieving the desired business results. We develop key employees, talents and potential successors by creating a work environment full of passion and positive energy, cooperation and commitment, respect and trust, inspiration and creativity, a sense of common purpose and responsibility that have a real impact on the company's performance. We focus on increasing efficiency and productivity by eliminating barriers between the levels of management in the company and individual functions in the organization.

Pillars and cooperation effects


The goal of the development process is the release of passion and joy in the achievement of the shared vision and goals of the organization. We address the existing barriers that prevent staff from effective implementation and faith in success. It is a gradual process of change, which is accompanied by an increasingly better atmosphere, quality of cooperation and team involvement. The organizational efficiency is improved through joint implementation of specific business initiatives. The process supports building a culture of cooperation and commitment and effective leadership. We start from working with the management staff, from establishing a common vision and project priorities. Then we engage 30-50 key people in a joint diagnosis of the current situation and in a process of creating changes. We support the staff in the implementation of intensive, short workshops, engaging part of the organization in discovering the passion for the implementation of the company's vision. We work out the final conclusions and recommendations for further actions.


The essence is to understand and implement company priorities that have a real impact on the desired results. We conduct workshops and coaching, concentrating on working with the organization, its current situation, future vision and barriers that stand in the way of its implementation. The concentration of staff on difficult threads allows us to notice hidden possibilities and potential growth. Concentration on the desired results and goals is an inspiration for changes in culture, improves the level of cooperation and commitment. As a result of the development process, we achieve greater work efficiency and a real increase in the organization's business results.


We support the managerial staff in discovering the real passion for leadership. We release positive energy and joy of building organizations with a high level of efficiency. We release talents through the inner development of the manager. The managerial staff experiences their leadership style in cooperation with lower levels in the organization, which allows real change during the meetings and workshops. It is followed by a strengthening of cooperation, dialogue and respect within the organization. Advisory workshops and interventions and their course are adapted to the situation as well as the course of the process and the needs of the organization in a real time.

We accomplish our goals by:

  • Workshops for large groups
  • Strategic workshops
  • Change management workshops
  • Coaching of management teams
  • Executive coaching / mentoring


of experience working at the executive level, in 17 countries (including USA, Poland, UK, Switzerland, France, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Belarus and others)
of experience in facilitation: cooperation with over 50 management boards (revenues up to $ 10 billion)
of experience in coaching teams and coaching at the executive level: 80 companies, 25 sectors
of conducting workshops for large groups (groups from 30 to 150 people)