On the list of candidates, we present competent and talented people who fit in the highest degree to the culture of the organization, position or project. We get to know the mission, vision and development plans of the company to the highest degree. We analyze personal characteristics and skills essential for the effective conduct of a new venture, while focusing on the operational features necessary in the ongoing running of the business. We use modern headhunting methods and a non-standard approach to the entire process. We have a list of verified candidates and a broad own network.

We promote entrepreneurial attitudes , open to challenges and passion, positive energy and the ability to pass it on to others.

We promote a holistic approach , as we know from experience that companies usually hire people because of their competence and they dismiss someone due to their personality.

Executive Search

Using the direct search method, we identify the best candidates for top management and managerial positions as well as mid-level expert management positions. In a discrete manner and with the highest efficiency, we reach people with the greatest potential.

Direct Search

Using the direct search method, we identify candidates for managerial and specialist positions with specific professional competencies. The method gives the opportunity to reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

Search & Selection

Using the method of acquiring candidates through the publication of advertisements in the media and using our own database, we implement recruitment projects for senior and middle management positions as well as independent specialist positions.